Inner Child Goddess Healing

Inner Child Goddess Healing


Hi Beautiful Goddesses!

Are you ready to clear away past blockages, release negative memories from childhood and reclaim your divine feminine power? Summer is just around the corner! Summer is connected to the direction of the South. In this season we are being aligned withthe energies of the  sun, fire, passion, creativity, vitality, trust and innocence. This is the perfect time to re-connect with your inner child. Inner child healing is one of the most powerful tools for spiritual growth. In this session, I will connect you back to your souls original childhood essence and support you in healing any past wounds/traumas that are still affecting your adult life.


This session will include:

-an aura frequency scan

-chakra healing

-time for you to express what you're processing through 

-negative belief re-wiring

-blockage and past trauma releasing


-a customized guided meditation (recorded for you to keep)

-a sound healing transmission.

-a Goddess Empowerment activation.


This session is 90 minutes long.


After your purchase, I will set up a consultation call to discuss your specific healing intention  : )