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Embera crafted necklace

Embera crafted necklace


This incredible beadwork comes directly from the Embera Chami tribe in Colombia.  Due to the spanish conquest and continued colonization, the Embera Chami were displaced from their original land. The Embera Chami Tribe today represents  2.1% of the indigenous population of Colombia and their tribe is at risk of physical and cultural extinction.Your purchase directly supports their community.


One of The Embera Chami crafts is weaving with beads. They describe their work more as an ancestral thought than as an art.  Mothers have taught daughters, generation after generation, the techniques, the meaning of each color, the signs and the drawings, creating the cultural legacy through the art of weaving.  The most appreciated piece is the Okama, a necklace with a high symbolic content and of exclusive feminine use.