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Shamanic Goddess Activation Package

Shamanic Goddess Activation Package


Step into your Divine Feminine Power!


-Clear your deepest blockages

-Open your third eye

-Balance your chakra's

-Release the past

-Transform your pain into power!

-Embody the power of the Goddess!

-Harness the power of the elements!

-Clear blockages around health, wealth and love!


The fastest way to shift is to commit to showing up for yourself consistently! Just like going to the gym everyday gives you the best results externally, doing the spiritual work daily and consistently is the fastest way to activate your highest potential internally! For a limited time, Kathren is offering a 6 session package deal (a value of $900) for $500. This package incudes:


-6 one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions Via Zoom

-Crystal sound bowl healing

-Shamanic healing


-Quantum Frequency healing

-Hypnotic Subconscious reprogramming

-Energetic releasing of past traumatic events

-Metaphysical tools and techniques your can use for life


For your first zoom healing session, Kathren will customize a healing program based on your personal needs and the specific blockages you're working through.  


 Kathren will identify your deepest blockages with the Healy frequency device. Via a quantum sensor, the Healy device can measure and analyze your individual energetic imbalances on a physical, mental and emotional level and then deliver back to you customised and specific frequencies to realign your cellular, emotional and/or chakra centres back into bio-energetic balance.


Kathren will contact you prior to the first session to discuss your healing goals and appointment times.