About Kathren

Here to Heal

Kathren Andromeda is an ordained minister, metaphysical counselor, hypnotherapist, sound healer and reiki healer. Kathren channels universal life force energy to help individuals heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The unique quality of the lotus flower is said to symbolize the one who rises from the darkness of the world into a new way of thinking and living. I believe that we are all divine beings. When we enter this world, we are a bright, impressionable light. Over time, our true light is buried in traumas, emotional pain, and negative belief systems. Many of us forget our divinity and start living lives just to

survive; however, we were meant for so much more!

In my work, I combine Reiki and CBD to help bring individuals out of the “fight/flight” way of existence and into a balanced state of homeostasis. When we do this inner spiritual healing, we shift to a higher frequency at which we are more able to manifest our goals, desires, and dreams. When we live in a vibration of love above fear, we are able to align to our highest potential. 


I'm here to help others remember: You are not your pain, you are not your anxiety, you are not your trauma, you are not your depression. You are a divine soul stemming from the source of all creation. You are not here simply to survive; you are meant to thrive! 

My mission is to facilitate an individual’s healing so they can release what no longer serves them, connect to their higher selves, and live up to their fullest potential.